Ristorante tipico a Oriolo dei Mille Fichi - Faenza

Our Menu


Toasted bread with grilled Parma ham

Fried polenta and squacquerone
(fresh soft cheese)

Chicca di Frate Alberigo
(grilled polenta with truffle cream cheese,
walnuts and porcini mushrooms)

Bell pepper and eggplant rolls
(stuffed with ham and mozzarella)

Scamorza cheese slices with speck
(scamorza cheese wrapped in speck with oven-baked)

Fried panzerotto
(small fried calzone stuffed with radicchio, sausages and mozzarella)

Chef toasted bread
(toasted bread with various toppings)

Il Tagliere (min. 2 persons)
(cold cuts, soft fresh cheese, flat bread and small fried bit of pizza dough, marinated eggplant and homade fig marmalade)

Gran Antipasto La Taverna (min. 2 persons)
(small fried calzone, chef toasted bread, bell pepper and eggplant rolls , chicca di Frate Alberigo, scamorza cheese slices with speck)

(small fried bit of pizza dough)

(flat bread)

First course:

Tagliatelle dello chef
(tagliatelle – tyipical italian pasta – with ragù sauce and porcini mushrooms)

Strangolapreti La Taverna
(strozzapreti – typical italian pasta – with four kind of cheese, speck, fried zucchini)

Curzul a modo mio
(thick tagliolini – typical italian pasta- with dried tomatoes sauce , black olives, chili powder and fried garlic crumbled bread)

Tortelli di Oriolo
(tortelli – typical italian dumpling – stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach, with fresh tomato sauce and Grana Padano cheese)

Truffle Flavored Cappellacci
(big dumpling – typical italian pasta – stuffed with ricotta cheese, truffled flavored cream and porcini mushroom, with butter and milk cream)

Two of the above first courses of your choice (min. 2 persons)

Three of the above first courses of your choice(min. 2 persons)

Second Courses:

Grilled pork belly

Radicchio e brusadé
(radicchio with grilled cube of pork belly with balsamic vinegar)

Grilled spicy provolone
(typical italian cheese)

Grilled pork sausages

Grilled chicken breast
(with rosemary)

Grilled mutton
(with garlic and rosemary)

Grilled pork ham
(with homemade grilled bread)

Grilled vegetables with spicy provolone
(endive, eggplant, tomatoes)

Mixed grilled meat
(chicken breast, mutton, sausages, pork belly)

(skewer with beef, sausages, bell peppers and onion)

Grilled prime rib beef
(with salad and Grana Padano)

Side Dishes:

French fries

Mixed raw vegetables
(radicchio, tomatoes, green salad)

Oven-bake potatoes

Grilled vegetables
(endive, tomatoes, eggplants)

Gratin tomatoes
(with flavoured crumbled bread )

Radicchio e brusadé
(radicchio with grilled cube of pork belly with balsamic vinegar)


Coffee sorbet

Panna cotta
(typical italian dessert with milk cream- with berries and
caramelized figs)

Zuppa inglese
(typical local dessert made with mascarpone cheese, Alchermes liquor,
sponge cake, chocolate, eggs)

Creme caramel


Scroccadenti con o senza passito
(typical hard biscuits with or without sweet wine)

Ricotta cake, almonds, macaroons
with or without caramelized figs

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