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Our story

In the middle of the 11th century, the Archbishops of Ravenna built the first fortress on the Oriolo hill: because of its strategic importance, it was frequently contested by the inhabitants of Forlì, Faenza and Ravenna. In 1474 it was finally bought by the Manfredi family, the Guelph lords of Faenza, who gave start to important renovation works.

“Say who thou wast, if thou wouldst have mine aid;
And if I extricate thee not, far down
As to the lowest ice may I descend.”
“The friar Alberigo,” answer’d he,
“Am I, who from the evil garden pluck’d
Its fruitage, and am here repaid, the date
More luscious for my fig.”
– Dante Alighieri, Divine Comedy – XXXIII chant –

In the “Inferno” Dante Alighieri tells us that in this fortress was exiled Friar Alberigo Manfredi, who was punished for having poisoned his beloved ones. In1984, thanks to a donation of the Caldesi Family, the fortress was made over to the town of Faenza. Today, many painters and visitors come to admire this beautiful fortress dipped in a wonderful park. Our restaurant is situated near this historical fortress, amidst the green hills around Faenza.

In 1969, Alteo Dolcini, one of the founders of the Società del Passatore, proposed the idea of uniting the land of Sangiovese with the land of Chianti, through a running marathon starting from Florence and arriving in Faenza. In this regard, at our restaurant, the journalist Renato Cavina launched this project to the press witch was called “100 km del Passatore Firenze – Faenza and witch was held for the firs time in 1973.

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